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Alan Binks was born in 1944 and was formally educated in England. After two years working at the Biochemistry Department at Oxford University, he emigrated to Kenya in 1967. Drawn by East Africa's wealth of wildlife, he began as manager of a game-ranching research study. Alan became involved in the safari business in 1969, and became a partner of Ker & Downey in 1980 and director in 1982. He is also a keen photographer whose work is regularly seen in international magazines and books, in addition to his exhibitions and his own published work A Cry From The Wild. This background has been invaluable in assisting his clients in getting the "perfect shot" on their photographic safaris.

Alan is quite at home with the luxury tented safaris for which Ker & Downey is well known, but often prefers the more active, adventurous safaris, exploring remote areas on foot with a lighter camp, be it anywhere in East, Central or Southern Africa.

He has a pilot's license and owns his own aeroplane. Alan's other big passion is flying and racing gliders. He is active in the Rift Valley Gliding club and has participated in Regional, National and World Championships.

Alan lives at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya and has a daughter Julia and son Tony.

Mail: P.O. Box 608, Isiolo 60300, Kenya.

Tel: +254 722 524793




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