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On a recent visit to a part of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania that had been closed to visitors for twenty years, some of my partners and I were lucky enough to experience some of the largest concentrations of BIG CATS in Africa. This hidden corner of the park has always been a special area for these wonderful animals and we were delighted to find that it has kept its reputation intact.

Within a few kilometers of where we camped and in a space of only two days, we counted the following sightings:-

60+ lions in four main prides, about which David Quammen had written eloquently in National Geographic:

16 cheetahs…..

2 leopards…..

2 honey badgers, a caracal and an African wild cat…..

There was plenty of plains game although the main wildebeest herds had long departed to the west and north and even a coupke of large bull elephants were seen. In all it was a magic time and all of us are keen to include it in our upcoming itineraries. My first safari there will be in December this year!



Another exciting destination we visited in Tanzania is Rubondo Island, in Lake Victoria. This is a little-known National Park that has, in a tropical forest environment, a varied selection of wildlife including elephants, sitatungas and chimpanzees, some amazing birds including African Grey Parrots and the biggest crocodiles you have ever seen. The fishing for Nile Perch and Tilapia is not bad either!

Rubondo Lodge Bay 

The Lodge 

Tropical Forest on Rubondo Island 

Nile Perch 


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