January 2016


2015 has been a great year for safaris and I have been kept busy guiding between Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Guests have enjoyed great variety of wildlife and location and I have enjoyed showing them what makes Africa the holiday destination of choice for people who like the outdoors. The verdict after two or three safaris: Kenya is the best!

Here are some images from recent safaris over the last year.

A 9-pax family safari in December/January 2014/2015….

Ngare Sero Lodge, Usa River, Tanzania

Colobus Monkey on the lawn at Ngare Sero.

The lake at Ngare Sero.

Bridge over the stream at Ngare Sero.

Reed frog.

Drive through fig tree in Arusha National Park.

Wildebeest in a rainbow at Ngorongoro Crater

Male lion calle Bob Marley in the Serengeti National Park.

Namiri Plains Camp in Serengeti National Park.

Close up bull elephant at Amboseli.

Maasai sports day at Amboseli.

Flamingoes at Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya.

Soysambu Conservancy.

Simon Thomsett, raptor expert, with a rescued melanistic Augur Buzzard at Soysambu.

Our mobile camp in Lewa Conservancy.

Elephant watering hole at Lewa.

Mother and calf at the watering hole on Lewa.

Typical scene at Lewa Conservancy.

Black Rhinos at Lewa.

Our mobile camp at Lewa.

Cheetah and cub at Lewa Conservancy.

A 9-pax Family Safari in February 2015….

Watching the leopard at Suiyan Soul in Kenya

Dinner by firelight at Sarara

Leaving Sarara en route to Amboseli

Private mobile camp in our Amboseli Concession

Cheetahs at Amboseli

Old acacia tree in the sunset at Amboseli

Visiting a Maasai village

Dancing for joy in front of Kilimanjaro

Setting out in the Serengeti, Tanzania

A nervous lioness is too close to this elephant, who showed some climbing skills

Inquisitive lion cubs in Serengeti

Big bull elephant at Ndutu in Serengeti

Namiri Plains Camp in Serengeti

Back to camp at sunset

This lioness had her cubs hidden in the marsh right in front of the tents at Namiri Plains

Lovely remote location, not shared with anyone else

The wildebeest migration in full swing at Lake Masek

Some of the milling herds

An unusual sighting of a cheetah mum and her cubs sharing the same termite mound with another adult.

What a flexible spine she has!

Mum shows the cubs how it’s done

Scanty shade has to be shared!

A pair of Bateleur eagles

Dawn in our mobile tented camp in southern Serengeti

Short safari to Buffalo Springs in May 2015

Everyone wants to get in the mud


Squirt that mud!

Friendly young guys

An 8-pax Safari to Zimbabwe and Botswana in July 2015….

Dawn in Malilangwe Reserve

Beautiful but deadly - African Wild Dog or Painted Wolf 

Reaching for those high fruits

Mobile tented camp in Mana Pools National Park

Drooling hippo

Yellow billed stork and croc

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river

This angry cow nearly caught us!

Everyone loves mum

Relaxed leopard

At the sundowner pool

Dinner's all set in the sunset at Selinda Explorer Camp

Ground hornbill

Quite rare to see roan antelope

Zebra lineup

Young leopard posing in the sunset

It’s thirsty work in the dry season

A 7-pax Family Safari in Kenya in August 2015….

Probably the most beautiful leopard coat I have ever seen - in the Maasai Mara

This female had her two cubs hidden right in our campsite and was not at all shy

Time for socialising

Big Mara male lion

Sunset on the Mara plains

Cheetah at Lewa Conservancy

Three white rhinos cross a stream at Lewa

Elephant families on Amboseli’s dry lakebed 

The end of the day in Amboseli

A 4-pax Safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana, September 2016….

Walking in Hwange with Andrew Deysel

Two resident males in Selinda Concession

Selinda lionesses

A very relaxed young leopard female

A bit of mutual clean-up

Young elephant with white-faced tree ducks

Belligerent buffalo

A 14-pax Family Safari in Kenya October 2015….

Black rhino mother and calf on Lewa

White rhino and calf on Lewa

Mt Kenya with wave clouds

Giraffe and dust devil, Amboseli

Kilimanjaro in windy weather

Classic Amboseli scene

Water is precious in Amboseli

A magnificent Mara lion

Malaika and family

The view from the dining tent


© Alan Binks 2016