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Whilst driving from place to place is the more traditional way of getting around in Africa, with today's poor road conditions and people's need for less time wasted in travel, light aircraft have become the favoured way to go. We usually include a couple of flights in any safari itinerary in order to get to and from remote spots efficiently and comfortably and, if guests choose to do so, we can undertake the whole safari by plane. Some exciting new itineraries have been designed to take you to such remotely-spaced destinations as Kenya's Lake Turkana, Rwanda, the Serengeti, LakeTanganyika, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta even from Cairo to Cape Town and all the sights in between.

A helicopter can get you into places that are so hard to access by car or even on foot that they add another exciting dimension to a safari. Be it trout fishing on a lake at 11,000 feet on Mt. Kenya, or walking on massive sand dunes in the Great Rift Valley, or swooping over the wildebeest herds of the Great Migration, all are made easy by chopper and offer unique photographic opportunities.

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