Luxury Tented Safaris


Our tents are spacious, airy and yet totally insect-proof. There are twin or double beds according to choice and mattresses, sheets and duvets, as well as bedside rugs and tables with electric lamps, plus a canvas wardrobe for your clothing. Laundry is done daily. The showers and toilets are en suite, showers being available any time of day on request.


Delicious three and four course meals are prepared in camp, and served in an airy dining tent, or occasionally under the stars. The menus include a variety of meats, fish, and fowl, plus plenty of pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables. Bread and cakes are baked daily in camp. A refrigerator and deep freeze keep food fresh, and there is always ample ice. Vegetarian and other dietary needs are easily accommodated.


The safari crew play a vital role in making each safari comfortable and fun. Each tent has its own attendant to make the beds, sweep the floors, bring your shower water and do your laundry. The crew also includes porters to bring in firewood and a mechanic to keep the vehicles in tip-top shape ... in all, several more crew members than guests.


The right Itinerary is fundamental to a good safari.  We endeavour to put together the best combination of game areas and activities suitable to the time of year and to the ages and interests of your group.  We welcome children, and have organized several successful three-generation safaris. Click here for sample itineraries.




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